The school is equipped with a strong dedicated and experienced teaching staff with a number of 1034, including 403 teachers with a Master's or doctoral degree. Among faculty, there are 16 doctoral degree mentors and 228 Master's degree mentors, 74 academic experts who received awards from the state council and provincial governm...

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Tuition & Fees

Clinical Medicine (MBBS) is mainly to train the international students capacities of body structure and function in human beings, human behavior, and normal state of mind; Causes of common diseases and frequently-occurring diseases including mental illnesses, the impact of environmental, social, behavioral and psychological fact...

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INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS SOCIETY FOR ACADEMICS AND RESEARCH (IMSSAR) International Medical Students Society for Academic and Research (IMSSAR) is founded by research oriented medical students of International Education College, Jiangxi University of TCM, Nanchang, CHINA, motivated by the need to join the greate...

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